My career and transitional counseling services fall into three parts:

Early Stage Career Counseling

As a young professional, it is essential to consider your career interests, transferrable skills, professional development and network. Working together on a strategy that helps you with your plan of action towards a meaningful, adaptable, and well-balanced career. The process together includes one-on-one discussions, evaluating your interests, the marketplace, and skills necessary in your career direction. Our work together is concrete, specific, and targeted on what you want from your career and life plan. Appointments are either by the hour, 50-minute sessions or designed with very specific milestone outcomes.

Mid-Career Counseling

With years of experience, the routine of work takes a toll on your excitement for what you may be doing. Our collaboration will focus on enlarging your current work strategies, content, as well as skills that can better position you for advancement inside or beyond your current employment environment. If you are seeking to pivot to a career that is slightly or significantly different, possibly requiring new skills, credentials, or capabilities, we will explore how this new direction will help you move to a type of work you have been seeking while also considering the impact of your personal life and economic constraints. Our work will focus on assessing the risk/rewards of this change along with assessing your overall "fit" with this change and the action planning steps. Appointments are based on 50-minute sessions with regular check-in meetings that ensure you are on track for you new professional opportunities.

Career Transition Planning

Over 10,000 boomers retire each day. If you are five years or less from transitioning to a reduced or full-retirement lifestyle, let's talk. The transition from an active and successful career to one with less daily structure and social connectivity has both a financial and emotional impact. Our discussions and planning process will help guide you, especially if you are five years or less away from a career shift to a reduced time commitment from work. Services include a comprehensive three stage process: Your Plan Development, Exploration, and Launch (upon full or partial retirement).

According to Investopia, people planning their retirement will move through six phases as they leave the full-time workforce:

1.  Pre-retirement

2. The Big Day

3. Honeymoon Phase

4. Disenchantment

5. Reorientation

6. Moving On

We will plan, develop and strategize how you can move through these phases with emotional support in making this shift and in enjoying this next stage of life. The choice is yours, please contact me at 314.540.9558 to start planning your best life now.

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